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5 Steps To Making Metrics Work

Building complex layers of reporting to measure everything from customer touch points during the lead process through loan level profitability is becoming a passion and a science across the mortgage industry. Managers have mounds of data to watch every unit, every...

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Agency QC Pre-Funding Requirements

WHAT ARE THE AGENCY QUALITY CONTROL PRE-FUNDING REQUIREMENTS? Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA all require that lenders complete pre-funding quality control audits.  Lenders and investors receive great benefits from these pre-funding reviews by preventing loan from...

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Safety Net – We’ve Got One!

Loans, loans, loans. Everyone has more than they know how to handle. While that’s the good kind of “problem” to have, the very real challenge still exists of how to move additional volume through the pipeline while maintaining quality and service levels. For all...

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